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What is Alesse?

ALESSE is a birth control pill (oral contraceptive) that contains two female sex hormones (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol). It has been shown to be highly effective in preventing pregnancy when taken as prescribed by your doctor.

Birth control pills work in two ways:

  1. They inhibit the monthly release of an egg by the ovaries. A woman cannot get pregnant if she doesn't ovulate because there is no egg to be fertilized.
  2. They change the mucus produced by the cervix (narrow outer end of the womb). This slows the movement of the sperm through the mucus and through the uterus (womb).

So you're taking Alesse...

Did you know...

Did you know...

  • That ALESSE is a low-dose pill?
    • ALESSE contains two different hormones: 100 micrograms of levonorgestrel and 20 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol
  • That while the Pill is an effective method of birth control, for some women it is also prescribed to help treat acne.
  • Combination birth control pills are more than 99% effective
    in preventing pregnancy – if the amount of estrogen is
    20 micrograms or more and you take them properly. With this
    in mind, make sure to take Alesse at the same time every day.