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"I missed taking a pill"

If you’ve forgotten to take a pill, this section will help get you back on track.

Any time you miss or skip a pill for a day or more, your chances of getting pregnant increase. Even if you take your pill every day, it’s really important that you take it around the same time each day, to maximize the pill’s effectiveness. If you do miss taking a pill, recall the day you started your latest pill pack. Was it a Sunday start or another day of the week? Once you remember, click on the appropriate button for more information.

If you miss two periods in a row, call your doctor.
If you miss two periods in a row, call your doctor.

Step 1:

Skipped a Pill?
Don't skip out on a backup plan!

Click on the day you started your pills:

Make sure you have a back-up plan.

Essential stuff to have if you miss a pill:

  • A back-up method of birth control (like condoms or spermicidal foam or gel)
  • An extra, full-pack of pills

If you forget more than one pill two months in a row, talk to your healthcare professional about ways to make pill-taking easier. If you miss pills and then have unprotected sex, see your healthcare professional immediately. Don’t wait until you miss a period.

Don’t start late! Don’t stop early!

Starting a new pill pack late or forgetting to take pills at the end of pack puts you in the riskiest position to get pregnant.